Creating your home in the digital world

Understanding you and your audience

Our business thrives on understanding each client's unique needs, whether it's a sleek portfolio site for a budding photographer or a robust e-commerce platform for a local boutique.

We are adept at translating your vision into pixel-perfect reality, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality.

Creativity is our mainstay, and we are constantly staying abreast of design trends and technological advancements to offer cutting-edge solutions. From responsive layouts to intuitive user experiences, our websites are not just digital billboards but interactive experiences that captivate and engage visitors.

Despite being small, our business packs a punch in terms of client satisfaction and attention to detail.

Websites built using Webflow

Your website has to be about you.  It must speak with your voice, to your audiences.  It must be consistent with your other branding - being a part of your brand, not something to one side of it.

For these reasons we don't use templates or themes.  Instead we will design and build your website for your specific needs, creating the visual impression that works for you.

We control how the website looks and operates, not a theme's author.

We build our websites using Webflow, a state-of-the-art website development platform. We can create web pages quickly that are standards-based and robust.

'Static page' Websites

Crafted to speak for you. A static page website works when changes are infrequent and you don't need to create your own on-going content.

Content Management System

A content management system lets you create and change your own content whilst keeping the design consistent. For example, you can create blogs and articles, or change team members and photos.


Promote and sell your products with integrated shopping cart and payment systems.

How we work

We are two down-to-earth people, who love face-to-face meetings with clients as we believe that's the best way to get to know people. We start with an informal chat over coffee, at your business location, or in a local cafe, to hear about you and your business. We find this relaxed approach also allows you to get a sense of us as people. People deal with people, so it's important to build a trust, from day one.

There is no charge for an initial meeting, there's no obligation, and the coffee's on us!


I've been an information technology professional for 40 years; from the smallest of small companies to being a senior consultant for the world's largest professional services company.

I have spent much of that career in the retail sector and enjoyed the constantly changing needs of retailers to meet the demands of their customers.

Today I bring that professional IT experience to benefit the smaller companies that have always been my roots.

Outside of IT I play bass in bands and provide sound engineering services and equipment.


I've been an interior designer for 35 years, running my own business since 1993.

Just as a great interior will evoke an emotion, so should a website - it could be sombre or it could be light-hearted and fun, but it must speak for our customer in just the right way.

Having moved to the Isle of Wight I have made the decision to only do work that meets the highest standards of sustainability and ethical operations currently achievable.

My other passion is as a ceramic artist creating one-off pieces fired in my own kiln.

Some of our recent projects

So pleased with the work that Ventnor Web Design have done for our website. They've been great to work with at every stage of our project.
Stephen Cockett
General Manager
Wight Community Energy
Ventnor Web Design came up with a site so very much more steampunk than we could have ever hoped for.
Kieron & Vicky Cooney
IoW Steampunk Festival
Ventnor Web Design picked up the support of our site in next to no time, then proceeded to transform it in response to our rapidly changing needs.
Charity Garnett
East Wight Primary
I would just like to say what a superb website you have produced it's well laid out bright and breezy very easy to navigate, read and use.
A visitor to the Ventnor Local website

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